Welcome to Jim Byset’s Route

BY Jim Byset

I’ve decided to finally bite the bullet and publish a blog.  For what seems like aeons, friends have told me, nay – urged me to put a blog together – ‘you’re so funny! You’re so clever! You’re a great writer – you should write a blog!’ they all told me. Well, not all of them; that’s perhaps an exaggeration on my part. Some of them told me that.

One of them.

In any case, since I was inundated with this request, I decided, finally, to do the decent thing and publish a blog. What you’ll find here is a kind of hybrid blog. In my work as a journalist for A Voice For Men (AVfM) and other equality organizations I write fairly serious, grown-uppy type articles that are of interest to equality activists. I intend to re-publish those articles here – kind of as a one-stop-shop for those who like my work.

What I’m also going to do is write exclusive content for those who visit here (the red font means I’m serious.) This content will be quite different to the content that I currently put out for AVfM et al in that it will be a lot more personal. I will write from my own perspective in a first person style with a focus on issues of importance to men and boys.

So – welcome – I hope you enjoy what I put out here and look forward to your feedback. Have a look around – although much like a new house, there are a couple of things that I’m still working on. You can expect to find some new sections in the next while – photo and meme galleries AND I’m going to put together a nice list of resources for those interested in really getting to grips with the issues.

Finally – a note to feminists. You are just as welcome here as anybody else and are just as free to comment, disagree, and voice your opinion as anybody else. But do bear in mind that there are no ‘trigger warnings’ here and that free speech, rational argument and LOGIC trumps how someone might feel.

Jim Byset


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