About Jim Byset’s Route

I’m not entirely sure why I called this ‘Jim Byset’s Route;’ I know that I didn’t want to call it something obvious like ‘Jim Byset’s thoughts’ or ‘Jim Byset’s philosophy’ etc. I wanted the name to be a little different. I honestly don’t know why ‘Route’ appealed to me but it just did.

And, I suppose, it was necessary to differentiate myself even if that’s just with an odd name. There are numerous bloggers and equality activists out there already leading the fight for change. I’m talking about people like Paul Elam, Karen Straughan, Alison Tieman, Eric Duckman, Anja Eriud, John Salmon, Mike Buchanan, and many, many others. At this point, I’m just adding my voice to those that already out there.

So what you can expect from this blog is a few things – I plan to highlight some of my work from the various organizations that I contribute to and work with, while also publishing exclusive content to this blog.

I hope that you enjoy the content here – feel free to add me on Twitter, Facebook – and comment freely. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.

Jim Byset


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