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MGTOW Magazine

BY Jim Byset

Well… it’s good to be back. It’s been too long – way too long. Life over the past ten months or so has been absolutely insane and has really screwed with my ability to put the hours in in the way that I’d like, in the way that I should.

Truthfully, things are still nutty but I missed writing about the MHRM; I missed the guys and gals at MHRO, MHRI, and at my home, AVfM; I missed pissing off feminists and SJWs and, of course, I missed my blog.

But I’m not writing this merely to tell people that I’m back with my regular gigs. I’m proud to announce that I am now also a regular contributor to MGTOW Magazine. Click the link and go check it out. You can make up your own mind but what I can tell you is that the guys behind this are absolutely amazing, and, from a professional point of view, a breeze to work with; in fact they’re a lot easier to work with than many of the folks in the MSM. They have a mission in mind, and are steadfast in their determination to make MGTOW Magazine a success. I’m thrilled and humbled that I was chosen to help to make that aspiration a reality by contributing my meagre talents.

Please support them in any way you can. Share the stories on social media, tell your buddies and hey, subscribe to the mailing list, post in the comment sections and help MGTOW Magazine grow.